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ATV Riding Tips: Log Crossings

ATV Riding Tips: Log Crossings
Before you cross the log, survey the surrounding area and the dirt in front and behind the log. (By Frank Hoppen) Crossing a fallen tree or log can be a fun challenge, especially in a controlled environment. I recently took some log-crossing photos with one of the elite motorsports photographers in the...
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Rock Crawling On An ATV

Rock crawling! Without a doubt I can say it is the one thing that turned this sport quad-addicted journalist into a 4×4 ATV junkie. It was only a few short years ago that I got my first taste for the giant red rock cliffs of Moab, Utah, the best place on the planet for rock crawling. Since that...
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GNCC Racing Tips

Cross-country races are often run in challenging conditions, from extreme dust and mud to challenging rocky hill climbs. With such a long season, you must be prepared for any weather and every trail condition imaginable. I always have my riding gear and myself prepared ahead of time. These tips should...
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Honda 450R Mods: Desert Racing Tips & Parts

Breaking down sucks. If you’re in the middle of a hot desert, it can be deadly. If you’re gunning for the championship in a major desert racing series and your quad falls apart, you might wish you were dead. Ed Teixeira (Teixeira Tech) knows all about this stuff. And he knows how to conquer it. With...
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